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The final e-book in the Dragonmaster Trilogy is available now!

Ancient magics. Tricky goddesses. A world at war.

In a thrilling final installment to the Dragonmaster Trilogy, sisterwitches Isadora and Sanna Spence brave their ultimate enemies. 

Isadora isn’t ready to let Maximillion off the hook for his secrets, but events in the Network force her to make a decision: remain angry at him forever, or help stop the war? 

In an unexpected twist of fate, she accompanies him to the Southern Network, where an unprecedented political delegation meets with hope to stop the war. 

Meanwhile, Sanna is dabbling in a world of goddesses and history she’s never known before. 

Facing a battle against the ruthless goddess of the sea, Prana, Sanna has to wind through ancient history, hidden cultures, and unknown magical creatures to save her dragons. What she uncovers isn’t what she’s expecting, and all of dragonkind stands to rise or fall on what she learns. 

Can the sisterwitches dig deep to save all of Antebellum? Or will their world rise and fall at the whims of evil usurpers? 

FREEDOM is the final novel in the Dragonmaster Trilogy.